Big penis benefits

If you are a guy, it is not at all unusual to have ever thought about having a bigger penis. Men put a lot of emphasis on their manhood but that's because our penis means everything to us, it's what makes us men! Having a big penis isn't just about physical size though, it is also about the numerous benefits that come with being well-endowed. You may have your own reasons for wanting a bigger penis but here are some you may have missed. Let's now look at 6 benefits of having a big penis:

1. You can forget about your partner's ex-lovers
When you have a large penis, you don't need to worry about your partner's ex-lovers (these days, most women will have slept with at least one other person before meeting their current partner). You don't need to wonder if they were big down there, if your girl is mentally comparing yours with theirs and worrying if she might be disappointed. You can put an end to all that insecure thinking and forget her past lovers ever existed because yours is just as, if not more, impressive.

2. You get lots of attention from women
Just the reputation of being the guy with a big penis is enough to attract a lot of female attention. Women view men with big penises as being more attractive and capable. This has even been proven in scientific studies.

Penis size is part of a man's allure. It is one of three things that tantalizes a woman; the other two being a man's height and body shape. There is a distinct possibility that women have been responsible for men's penises getting larger over the course of evolution, as women tend to associate a larger penis with a higher chance of reaching orgasm and therefore prefer to choose a male partner with a large sexual member. This could explain why the human penis is proportionally bigger than that of our evolutionary cousins.

3. Your self-confidence and self-esteem is boosted
Following on from the last point, getting lots of attention from women because of your big penis, in turn boosts your self-confidence. It also does wonders for your self-esteem as feeling confident around women makes you feel good about yourself as a man. Keep things in check though - having a large penis should be just one source of your self-esteem and confidence rather than your only source; but it makes an invaluable contribution that's for sure.

4. With you, women get more satisfaction
Women may say the following line about a small penis "it's not the size, it's what you do with it that counts" and it may be true but, only partly. This is because most women prefer men who are well-endowed. A woman can have more fun with a well-endowed penis and respond more favorably during sex. It is also more likely to make a woman happy in bed by 'filling her up' and giving her the satisfaction that she is looking for.

5. Helps To Keep your woman attached to you
Women love sex just as much as men. Having a big penis puts you in an advantageous position of giving your woman sexual satisfaction. When you can please a woman in bed, she is more likely to want to stay with you. This may be a politically incorrect thing to say in this day and age but the fact is that if a woman has fun and enjoys having sex with you, you have a greater likelihood of her wanting to stay attached to you.

6. You get admiration and respect from your fellow man
Who doesn't want to be admired and respected? When you have a large penis and other guys come to hear of it, they can't help but admire you for it, believing you to be lucky with the ladies and are secretly jealous of you at the same time.

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If Penis Size Linked To Sexual Health?So..

If Penis Size Linked To Sexual Health?So..

We often forget that our penis is a muscle, but it is and lack of use can contribute to your penis shrinking in size.

In fact according to a recent study, men can lose as much as 2 inches off their erections if they don’t masturbate or have sex enough, as this lack of ‘exercise’ can lead to atrophy.

And in many ways this makes a lot of sense, as masturbating is not all that different from doing penis exercises as you are essentially stretching your penis.


Did masturbating can lead to a bigger penis?

Not exactly, but the strengthening it encourages can reduce the risk of premature ejaculation and stop your penis from getting smaller.

The only real way to improve the size of your penis is to combine penis exercises with penis extenders, penis pumps or surgery.

Do exercise your penis…

The most common form of penis exercise is jelqing which consists of 34 eight minute exercises which you should perform for 20 minutes a day.

Now all of these exercises produce the same effects – increased blood flow, harder erections and temporary penile increases – however the best ones for producing visible gains is one of the following.

  1. Wrap your thumb and index finger around the base of penis with one hand, and using a milking motion, gently apply pressure and move your hand up towards the head of your penis. When it nears the top, take your other hand and repeat the motion until you are alternating between each hand.

  2. Taking the end of your penis, slowly pull it away from your body until you’re at a point where it is beginning to hurt, then stop and hold it for 10 seconds. Repeat (this should encourage the part of your penis which remains inside of your body to extend out and add inches).

Do either of these exercises daily and you’ll soon notice an improvement in your penis, not only in its appearance but with its performance in the bedroom.

However this is not all you can do…

Combine these exercises with one of the following and you can experience more visual gains.

·       Penis extenders – invest in a good penis extender (one backed by clinical studies, made from Medical Type 1 materials and has a guarantee) and you can achieve long lasting gains.

Applying traction to the corpora cavernosa in your penis, this causes cells to break away from the walls and replicate. As these new cells accumulate in mass, this encourages your penis to hold more blood; attain harder, longer lasting erections; reduce premature ejaculation and curvatures and most importantly add inches to your penis. For more information visit Official site

·       Penis pumps – these may only produce temporary gains, but they are still good for improving your penis health.

Creating a vacuum around your penis, this causes more blood to be drawn into your penis, triggering bigger, harder erections and helping you to last longer in the bedroom.

One word of caution though – do not use excessively as overuse can damage the blood vessels in your penis.

·       Surgery – penis enlargement surgery is certainly one way to achieve instant gains. Whether you choose to cut the suspensory ligament (adds an inch, but stops your penis from pointing up when erect), insert inflatable tubes (which you can pump up to achieve an erection) or you apply a skin graft (as long as it takes can add inches to your penis), all come with an element of risk (scarring, deformity) so you need to be 100% ensure before you try.

As research says, keep your penis trained and active, and you can help to keep your penis healthy and strong. Yet combine it with one of the above and you can achieve the penis size you so crave.

Illusion of a Larger Penis

How to Create the Illusion of a Larger Penis

If you were to ask the majority of men what they’d like to change most about their appearance, we guarantee that most of them would say the size of their penis.

Yet just because you want a bigger penis, doesn’t necessarily mean you want to go under the knife or invest in a device. Sometimes all you want is some simple tips…

Well, below we have managed to do just that!

We have highlighted 4 proven techniques that can instantly help you to increase the size of your penis without any real effort:

1. Trim your hair – no we’re not on about the hair on your head. We’re talking about your pubic hair. Now this hair alone is hiding at least 2cm of your penis, so by simply trimming this hair you can immediately add an inch to your penis, plus make yourself look a lot tidier.

2. Learn how to control your flaccid penis – be honest, when do you feel most self conscious about your penis? When you’re flaccid. This is when you’re at your smallest (especially on a cold day), and when you least want your partner to see it.
But what if you could change that and actually control the size of your flaccid penis? Well you can. Bar temperature, there are 2 other ways to control your flaccid penis size – your mental arousal and the need to urinate. Both of these can help to enlarge your penis, without the need to be fully erect. So practice using them to increase your size and take note of the difference they make.

3. Weight management – okay this tip is not so immediate, but it is an important one as your body shape can influence how big your penis appears. For example a guy with a 5 inch penis who is short and slim will look bigger than a tall guy of the same size who is overweight. Now, whilst you can’t do anything about your height, there is something you can do about your weight. By losing weight and toning up you can ensure that none of your penis is hidden by your stomach, instantly creating the illusion that you’ve gained inches.

4. Learn your angles – one of the biggest problems we have as men is that we judge our own size by looking down at ourselves, and as you can imagine this can make you look smaller than you are as you are looking at yourself from the wrong angle.
Yet angles don’t always have to have a negative effect on the size of your penis. In fact learn how to use your angles correctly and you can make your penis look bigger to onlookers.
Try it now. Stand in front of your mirror with your penis erect and look at yourself at different angles. You’ll soon notice that you look better from the side and particularly at a 45 degree angle.

Alternatively methods…

Each of the above techniques can help you to create the illusion of a bigger penis, but if you’re looking for a more permanent solution, then there are other methods that you can try.

Take penis extenders for example…

Using a technique similar to that used in orthopaedic surgery, penis extenders apply traction to the corpora cavernosa in your penis, causing cells to break away and replicate.
As these cells accumulate in mass, they enable your penis to hold more blood, attain harder ejections, reduce premature ejaculation and curvatures, and more importantly add inches to your penis.

And it is completely painless!

Quality penis extenders such as SizeGenetics use Medical Type 1 materials, as well as 16 Way Comfort Technology so no matter the shape, size, angle or sensitivity of your penis, you can comfortably wear the device all day look without experiencing discomfort or chaffing. For more information visit sizegenetics

And penis extenders are not alone…

You can also use penis exercises and pumps to improve the size of your penis.
So if you are genuinely interested in improving the size of your penis, then why not give any of these techniques a try? In a matter of weeks, you can be closer to your dreams of a bigger penis.

Is girth of your penis important?

How thick is thick…

Penis girth is that the live of thickness of / around your member. Technically, member girth is the mensuration of the circumference of the utterly erect penis. it's multifariously quoted as a mean of 3 measurements: slightly below the glans, within the middle of the shaft, and at the bottom.

What is the typical girth of penis?

As there ar variations in size and form of penises betting on regional, racial and familial inheritance, there's no universal average length or girth.  The Alfred Charles Kinsey Institute and alternative human sex researchers estimate that the typical member length is five.5 to 6.5 inches and also the average member dimension (circumference) is four {to five|to five} inches. once unit conversions, easy calculations show that to be a diameter (distance across) of concerning one.25 to 1.6 inches, a dimension concerning admire AN empty roll of scotch tape.

Is girth of the penile important?

girth of penisAccording to several sexperts and sexologists, it's not such a lot the length of the member, however the dimension that matters within the long-term. In some ways, this is often true. Girth provides strength and consistence to the member body; throughout penetration the third a part of a woman's channel feels the foremost sensation. channel could be a muscle which will be stretched to terribly giant proportions: it's created to suit entire babies, therefore there's no downside to suit any male member yet. once a member enters channel, it stretches canal wall, stimulating the nerves within, this is often what makes girls extremely relish. the rationale is that the bulk of the nerves that ar aroused throughout penetration (both the canal and anal varieties) ar placed near the doorway of the channel and porta. This makes length reduced and dimension that abundant larger an element since it is the stretching of the canal or anal walls that stimulates the nerves. 
In a tiny study worn out 2000, Russell Eisenman of the University of Texas-Pan yank, found that forty five out of fifty girls questioned explicit  that girth was vital in sexual satisfaction. it absolutely was over that this is often caused as a result of the exaggerated expanse of the member that fills out the canal walls far better during a girl. However, this study failed to provide measurements on what AN “unacceptable” girth could be.

How to live the girth of the penis?

It is vital for you to grasp the girth of your member before you are attempting to start out increasing each the girth and length of your member. you'll be able to grasp your girth member by mensuration at the mid-section once it's absolutely erect. Stimulate blood through your member gently all long the body of the member. Once it gets to the utmost thickness, wrap a tape around it bearing on all sides. Take into consideration the nighest quarter in.. you must not take the mensuration from the realm below the top or at the bottom as these areas have a bigger circumference. 

How to increase the girth of the penis?


In a typical girth-enhancement surgery, fat from the lower wall is drawn out through liposuction ANd injected to a lower place the loose skin of the erectile organ shaft to form an illusion of thickening. or else, dermal or alternative free grafts ar superimposed round the erectile organ shaft, to a lower place the skin sleeve, to extend girth. However, with the passage of your time, the injected fat or free grafts, each of that ar avascular i.e. while not blood provide, only die, a development called mortification. This mortification can sooner or later cause the member to come back to its original pre-operative dimensions. Also, within the method of mortification, fibrous nodules and a cosmetically ugly, uneven, lumpy erectile organ contour will all occur.

Fact versus fiction

Top five myths of Peyronie’s malady (PD)

Fact versus fiction

Like several alternative health disorders and malady, there are many myths, misconceptions and false assumptions related to Peyronie’s malady (PD). the subsequent article intends to spotlight a number of those common myths connected with Pd and can assist you differentiate between reality and fiction. 

young ageMyth 1: Pd could be a malady of young age
Fact: larger than 75% of patients with Pd ar between forty five and sixty five years old-time. Similarly, some individuals additionally believe that Peyronie’s malady solely affects men over fifty years old-time. In reality, however, studies show that up to 100% of patients might gift at age forty and below.

Myth 2: Pd could be a malady of no famed cause
Fact: whereas it's true that no single established cause will be thought-about because the sole issue accountable altogether cases of Pd, trauma / injury to the phallus is taken into account in concert of the foremost common causes of Pd. Similarly, Peyronie’s malady has additionally been coupled to alternative generalized conditions like high blood pressure and polygenic disorder. Also, it's been additionally found to be related to Dupuytren’s malady (palmar aponeurosis), Ledderhose’s malady (plantar aponeurosis), Paget’s malady and knuckle pads. The malady additionally tends to run in some families, from fathers to the sons.

Myth 3: Pd ends up in cancer
Fact: The plaque developed in Pd itself is benign, or noncancerous (or non-malignant). it's not a neoplasm and can't unfold to adjacent body elements of tissues. Similarly, Peyronie’s malady isn't contagious (cannot be transmitted to 1 person to a different by any means) and isn't famed to be caused by any contractable malady.

Myth 4: Surgery is that the single most suitable choice that may fully cure all the cases of Pd
Fact: Surgery is one among the riskiest, pricy and sophisticated treatment choices and is sort of perpetually tacit because the expedient once alternative treatments don't work. additionally, even successful  surgeries cannot guarantee that the malady won't recur within the future. Also, not all surgeries have shown 100% resolution of symptoms and signs in Pd.

Myth 5: there's no link between Peyronie’s malady and impotency
Fact: whereas each conditions will occur severally, Pd is related to impotency (or male impotency) in majority of its cases. As a results of more moderen analysis, the correlation between Peyronie’s malady and impotency is far clearer than antecedently recognized. printed studies and trials have indicated that the maximum amount as half-hour to eightieth of men might have impotency related to Peyronie’s malady.

source: SizeGenetics

Male surgery

Lengthening your penis or shortening your pocket?

penis enlargement surgery
In recent years, surgery to enhance penile length or girth has become increasingly common, especially in private settings. Over the past 15 years a number of plastic and urologic surgeons have attempted to enhance the penile length and girth of healthy men for purely cosmetic reasons. However, this controversial procedure has led to a wide variety of poorly documented surgical techniques, with unconvincing results. It is, therefore, widely believed and accepted that penis surgery is not risk free. While there have been many advances made over the last ten years, there have been also many lawsuits filed over the same.
Following is a summary of some of the major concerns and drawbacks associated with penis surgery:

Penis surgery is not safe

According to the American urological association, the techniques and procedures used in penile  surgery have not at present been proven through research studies to be completely effective or safe. In fact, to date, there is no standard surgical technique, and much of the performed procedures are experimental. It is not known whether the potential benefits of the penile surgery outweigh the possible dangers associated with it.
Some of the frequently reported complications and drawbacks associated with penile  surgery include:
1.  Loss of erect upward angle of the penis
2.  Keloid scars (A thick scar. Scarring causing a shorter penis)
3.  Skin incision separation
4.  Bleeding
5.  Infection
6.  Fibrosis (thickening) of superficial vein of the penis affecting the blood flow
7.  Ecchymosis (bruising)
8.  Nerve injury resulting in decrease of penile sensation and activity
9.  Edema (temporary swelling of the skin)
10.Seroma (collection of serum under skin)
11.Erectile dysfunction (difficulty with erection)
12.Sexual dysfunction and further penile shortening are also reported complications of these penile enhancement procedures. If some of these complications occur, further surgery may be required.


All in all, before making the final decision to have penile  surgery whether it is penis widening or penis lengthening (or both), always discuss all of the complications, risks and factors (such as high costs) that could arise after the surgery. Most sexual health experts, therefore, recommend talking to your doctor about surgery strictly as a last resort, and really stress the "only as a last resort" part.

No improvement is often reported

It is important to note that about 5% men undergoing penile  surgery do not report an increase in either flaccid or erect penis length following surgery. In majority of cases, the penis is not actually lengthened but merely pulled further out of the body and the increase in length varies depending on the patient’s anatomy. Results generally range from 1 to 1/2" to 2" and there is no way to predict the length gain prior to surgery. In a small amount of cases, penis length is actually reduced due to the formation of scar tissue that contracts over time. A further drawback of the operation is once the suspensory ligaments have been cut, the angle of the erection can be significantly reduced.

Penis  surgery is very expensive

Penile  is a very costly surgery and in the United States can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. Also, just because penis  surgery is the most expensive way, does not mean it is the best way. It does not even mean it is a good way or a safe way to make your penis bigger.  It is; therefore, best to think twice for the people who are willing to paying thousands of dollars for extra inches on a flaccid penis.

Dangerous “Male Drugs”

Dangerous “Male Drugs” Pulled from Sale

The recent recall of Brookstone’s Pharmaceuticals Concentrated Acetaminophen Drops and Nature & Health’s 6 male supplements in the Washington Post is a testament of the potential risks these kinds of drugs can create.

Published on the 15th July, over 8 male health drugs were recalled due to the damaging implications they can have on a consumer’s health. Liver Toxicity, kidney damage and dangerously low blood pressure levels… these were just a few of the side effects believed to be triggered by the chemicals in these pills.

Fortunately in both cases, these recalls occurred before any incidents had occurred.

What are the dangers of male vitamins?

drug danger In total over 8 products – split over 3 corporations - were recalled in the Washington Posts article. However, the most notable of these products has to be Brookstone Pharmaceutical’s Concentrated Acetaminophen Drops.

Following concerns about consumers possible misinterpretations of their products dosage levels, over 5,600 bottles were recalled on the 15th July.

Taken in too high a dosage, research discovered that these drugs could cause permanent damage to the liver and kidneys as well as trigger blood disorders.

Yet Brookstone were not alone in this misrepresentation.

Nature & Health Co.’s 6 male enhancements LibieXtreme, Y-4ever, Libimax, Powermania Liquid, Powermania Capsule and Herbal Disiac were also found to hold similar health risks.

Taken in the form of supplements, their packaging did not accurately display their ingredients list. Upon later research scientists discovered that these unlisted ingredients all interacted negatively with nitrate causing dangerously low blood pressure levels in diabetics, and high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease suffers.

Are any supplements safe?

Whilst the recall of Brookstone’s, Nature & Health’s and Maya Overseas foods suppmenets, only represent a small fraction of the many supplements available in this industry, their side effects are still disconcerting.

Either contributing to or triggering blood, kidney or liver disorders, the risks of these supplements far outweigh their benefits. Especially when there are much safer methods available.

The general advice of many health experts is “do not take ANY male pills you are unsure about” as although some male pill products have been safely removed from the market, there are still a large number of potentially dangerous male pills available on the open market.

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